Sunday, January 31, 2010


Some shots from the 2009 Daytona 500 race.

As I am sitting here running up high heating bills to stay warm, digging my self out of snow, and standing at the mail box daily for the tickets to Daytona that I ordered yesterday, I relish the thought of a warm sunny day basking in an over crowded stadium full of 100,000 plus fanatical fans wanting to see the greatest spectacle of sports which is NASCAR.

Yes it has been a long ,cold , bitter winter. What better way to shake off the doldrums of winter by basking in the sounds of 43 high octane fueled hot rods that only resemble a street car by the manufacture logo on the front hood racing by you at 200 MPH. What better way to welcome in warmer weather saturated with the smell of high octane fuel exhaust and burning rubber as the cars whizz past you down the front stretch at Daytona driven by the likes of Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Mark Martin, Joey Logano, the Busch Brothers, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon, Denny Hamlin, Dale Jr. , and the rest of a 43 car field.

Of course we always get a preview of what is in store as an appetizer with the Bud Shoot Out before the Daytona 500 race where all bets are off and the drivers bump and bang to get the coveted million dollar prize for winning the Bud Shoot Out if they are not involved in the "Big One".

NASCAR has added new twist to this years race by changing the rear spoiler and allowing a larger restrictor plate on the super speedway races. This might be a positive sign but it remains to be seen if it is a safe one. Another news flash is NASCAR is easing up on the drivers code of conduct on the track. Bump drafting is encouraged now? Does this mean that NASCAR is putting in a boxing ring in the infield to let the drivers vent their anger after the race?

Certainly an exciting prospect for the first two races in the 2010 season wouldn't you think?